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What is El Delta Trust

Delta Trust was launched for (Digital signature), which is used to perform any process that requires proof of identity of the user in banking operations and some e-government services such as signing tax returns, electronic invoice, banks and real estate

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By digital signature you can be sure that the signer of the document is really who he claimed to be.

Documents Integrity

Now you can be sure that you recieve the original document without any manipulation.

100% Legal

Documents signed via El-deltaTrust are valid digital signatures under digital signature law and license issued by (ITIDA). They also meet the requirements for Digital signatures in most countries.

Get the most of digital cyber security and digitize your signature

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You can register for digital signature certificate from our branches

Digital signature application

ETA Portal, NAFEZA Portal, E-commerce, software distribution, financial transactions, and other situations that rely on forgery and tampering detection techniques are some of the examples where digital signatures can be misused

USB token for Digital signature Certificate (DSC)

The USB token has unique in-built software that enables users to identify and open digital signatures

Time Stamp

Time stamping is an important mechanism for the long-term preservation of digital signatures, time sealing of data objects to prove when they were signed, protecting copyright and intellectual property and for the provision of notarization services

Procedures for obtaining,
Digital Signature

For Companies

Conditions for obtaining the service:

1- The presence of a legal representative who has the right to sign for the company or entity
2- An authorization certified and signed by the bank’s stamp (validity of signature) with which he is dealing to submit and receive the service

For individuals

The citizen goes to one of the Telecom Egypt branches that provides the electronic signature service, with the following documents:

A copy of a valid national ID card or a valid passport after reviewing the original and completing the required documents

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Advantages of, Digital Signature


Securing the data inside the documents against alteration or tampering during the process of trading between system users using the digital signature and comparing the fingerprint of the sender’s message with the fingerprint of the future message


Proving the identity of the signer of documents with non repudiation accuracy


Discover any alteration might be done on the signed documents


Preparing solutions for electronic invoices according to the tax authority regulations